Securing ‘Strategic Deltas’

As the global economic system transitions from industrial to knowledge economy, companies will need to re-evaluate the sources of competitive advantage with a broader and deeper strategic perspective. Based on the Strategic Pentagon Model, we help clients to orchestrate a wide range of strategic levers to shape their competitive advantage along the life cycle of a business model.

‘Value-Based’ Price Optimization

We have extensive experiences in helping clients design and optimize pricing strategies to achieve financial targets with minimal disruptions to consumer experience. As a result, we place a heavy focus on understanding value to consumers through price elasticities and degrees of product differentiation

Scenario Driven Options

We help senior management of companies to find imaginative ways of sketching out game-changing possibilities by showing that cross-boundary solutions will continuously emerge to break the constructs of conventional industries. Exhibit below provides a high-level view of the framework that we use in serving leaderships of organizations.

Pathways To Growth

Despite constantly searching for growth, our clients have found our structured way of identifying topline growth opportunities to be inspirational. More importantly, our recommendations are practical due to rigorous quantification of identified growth pathways.

High-Precision Demand Modeling

We have a long track record of helping B2B and B2C clients understand future of market demand for both established and new products. Our method is grounded in statistical principles, providing accurate estimates and actionable explanations. Further, the inspirations for and outcomes of the models are shaped by business context and experience to solve practical operational and strategic issues.

Dynamic Portfolio Management

As partners for our clients, we continuously examine the strong points and weak spots in their business portfolio that are often hidden in turbulent competitive landscapes. Doing so helps clients define game changing plays that can capture significant value creation possibilities while avoiding disruptions and threats to the existing business model.

High-Dimension Clustering / Segmentation

We perform sophisticated high-dimensional clustering / segmentation studies to help clients build focused value propositions for specific groups and secure competitive advantages with a consumer-centric approach.

M&A Strategy And Due Diligence

Often, mergers fail when the fundamental assumptions about the external environment and internal aspirations are not sufficiently discussed and understood. During an M&A engagement, beyond investigating the hard numbers, we also help both parties appreciate the soft insights about themselves. Below we share our thoughts on the do’s and don’t’s in M&A based on our experiences with successful and failed mergers.

Self-Enriching Biological Organizations

The mechanistic command-and-control model of organization is becoming obsolete in the high-frequency, competitive economic environment in which organizations find themselves. To thrive they must shift towards a self-enriching, adaptive biological model by adopting and continuously refining five key functions.