Our Mission

Help leaders of organizations make breakthrough moves during times of mega-transition and discontinuities, by leveraging a combination of creative frameworks, new concepts and high-precision analytics based on machine-learning.

In order to accomplish this mission, as a problem-solving firm, we provide:

  • New concepts about frontier issues that influence the microeconomic and macroeconomic equations at the global and regional level
  • High-precision analytical techniques and innovative tools powered by machine learning
  • Clear and unique perspectives about likely scenarios and options in high uncertainty environments
  • Forward-looking frameworks on organization, leadership, and innovation
  • Customized and intense workshops to solve strategic problems and expand leadership capacity across different levels of decision-making hierarchy.

Our Vision

We believe that the world is moving through ‘multiple inflection points’ where old economic theories and business models will be inadequate to deal with the challenges and issues companies will face in the future. A new set of rules and principles will need to emerge to ensure that commerce and wealth creation become more equitable, more ethical, and more ecologically intelligent. We hope to contribute to the acceleration and success of this movement as members of the consulting profession.

Our Approach

Consultants at QLC strictly adhere to a set of fundamental principles


We view problem-solving as a symbiosis of the ‘art of imagination’ and the science of ‘systems-oriented thinking’.


We disconnect from past successes while fabricating the design of creative strategies, and work with one constant – ‘change’.


We go to the frontline to observe partners, stakeholders, consumers, and competitors in their natural environment to form fresh and holistic perspectives.


We ceaselessly study both visible and hidden signals in the macro and micro equations to uncover new possibilities for clients.


We serve clients with the highest levels of dedication to quality, efficiency and practicality, to generate outcomes that command superior values.

Our Experts


Dr. Partha S Ghosh

Dr. Partha S. Ghosh, Chairman of Quantum Logik Consulting, is a policy...


Arshad Abba

Arshad has over 15 years of experience in senior management roles. He...


Ying Li

Ying Li is an innovative problem solver who enjoys using her expertise in data...

Jesse Logan

Building on his training as a scientist, Jesse is known by clients for his unique...


Jonathan Mayes

Jon has a passion for value creation through the intelligent use of data, an...

Vincent Zhuang

He has over ten years of strategy consulting experience. Over his career...

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