Welcome to The QLC Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is built on the experiences of our Partners across the globe as we have helped our clients navigate the muddy, but fertile waters of Innovation.

QLC Corporate Innovation Framework

1. Innovation

  • Innovation Spark:experience sharing sessions from leading innovator within industry, to help corporate executives to kindle the spark of innovation
    • Tools: corporate innovation brainstorm, innovation inspirational tour
  • Innovation Assessment:workshops and interviews with key innovation stakeholder to understand company's current status and innovation needs
    • Tools: corporate innovation assessments(free)

2. Innovation

  • Innovation Pack:based on innovation assessment, tailor made innovation pathways and modules to meet companies needs and readiness
    • Tools: innovation boot camp, corporate innovation pathways

3. Innovation
Support System

  • Innovation Support:define and detailed resource allocation plan, process improvement, corporate culture and organization recommendations to accelerate companies innovation journey
    • Tools: innovation supporting system, digital transformation

Innovation Brainstorm


QLC will host series of innovation brain storm sessions to help companies start the innovation journey


Innovation Bootcamp


The bootcamp offers various first-hand experiences – senior executives solve identified digital challenges for the business

Innovation Assessment


Corporate innovation assessment framework uses 7 critical innovation factors to measure a companies' readiness to innovate and lead in its industry