Welcome to PSG Academy

The Academy is built on the thoughts and experiences of our Chairman Dr. Partha S Ghosh, stemming from his last forty years of work as a strategist and policy advisor for corporates and governments. It is our firm conviction that Dr. Ghosh’s philosophical approach and visionary thinking will help organizations free themselves from their internal intellectual and cultural biases, too often hardened by past successes, enabling “unorthodox” strategic moves and new innovative business & organizational models.

How Are The Workshops Organized

1. Establishing
a Consensus

We first establish a clear consensus on what might be the specific issues following a series of involved discussions with client management

2. Design

We design the workshop which will be a mix of two to three up to twelve to fifteen sessions; individual sessions are tailored to serve specific issues unique to our clients

3. Conduct

In the workshops, we trigger “out of the box” thinking and “imaginative instincts” through customized sessions, tailored to the cultural idiosyncrasies and sensitivities of the organization

4. Defining

With our help, the participants define the outcome of the workshop, in turn building consensus on the likely path forward and defining the next steps that will lead to change programs

5. Strategic
Initiatives &

Finally, the Academy will document the guidelines and strategic initiatives that leadership should consider launching in inspiring the “transformational shift, ” based on our observations of the workshops and experience

Our Programs

Help organizations uncover new possibilities, define new strategic pathways, enhance innovation productivity, build global presence, adopt new organizational models, and inspire higher level of leadership expression, in securing sustainable competitive advantage.
Help leaderships of governments to revisit the fundamentals of what constitutes ‘country strategy’ and define a more dynamic path forward, - in securing competitive advantage in select industries while ensuring socio economic advance, which is inclusive – enabling distributed wealth creation.




At the core of our approach is a fundamental belief that most organizations have the essential knowledge, the creative ferment, and the core skills that are required for transformational moves; unfortunately, such essential assets remain dormant, hidden, or unexplored within the walls of legacy systems, the constraints of cultural rigidity, and/or the intellectual lethargy to step out of comfort zones.