Practicing the Art & Science of “ Self-Regenerative” Organization

During the past ten to fifteen years, several powerful trends, - a few visible and some less so, have been emerging at different speeds. Together they could directly and/or indirectly influence and if not fundamentally transform the shape of the global economic landscape which leaders of businesses cannot afford to neglect.

History shows that it is during times of mega-transition and/or discontinuities that new ideas are born and new rules take root. As partners of our clients, we continually examine how leaderships of organizations should find the bright spots that are often hidden in turbulent competitive landscape(s), in turn define the likely game changing plays in moving forward.

Particularly, those industries like automotive, energy and minerals, pharma/biotech, and transportation which are technology and capital intensive, and form the fundamental backbone of the global economy, will need to adjust to the emerging trends so that the promise of value creation is continually advanced in balance with the various expectations of multiple constituencies/stake holders.

Indeed with the increasing speed of globalization and convergence of technologies across industries leadership of companies will be well served to

  • examine how the new trends could offer opportunities to unleash higher level of sustained economic yields
  • explore how today’s organizational models that might be constraining businesses from harnessing the new possibilities and in turn
  • determine how the future models might evolve that will have functionalities of regeneration that will enable companies to continually adjust their agility and adaptability to navigate through an increasingly volatile environment.